In Chamber of Secrets, we learn (thanks to a handy anagram) that Tom Marvolo Riddle is none other than Lord Voldemort. But when the stories were translated, his name needed a little adjusting. From Trevor to Elvis and even Romeo – learn what this infamous wizard is known as around the world…

It seems as though the King is actually still in the building… at least in France. Did you know that the French translation of Voldemort is Tom Elvis Jedusor? This is an anagram of ‘Je suis Voldemort’ and a fitting name for the wizard some might consider The Devil in Disguise.

In Spanish, ‘I am Lord Voldemort’ becomes ‘Soy Lord Voldemort’ with his name, Tom Sorvolo Ryddle, ending up sounding rather similar to the original English.

Brazilian Portuguese
In a similar vein, the Brazilian Portuguese declaration ‘Eis Lord Voldemort’ becomes Tom Servolo Riddle.

Voldemort has a rather romantic name in the Danish translation. Meet Romeo G. Detlev Jr (though this is where the similarities to Shakespeare’s tragic hero ends) which spells out ‘Jeg er Voldemort’. In a nod to the English version, Tom Riddle, the G. is short for Gåde, which means riddle.

The Italian version of Tom Riddle only includes a different middle name with ‘Sono Lord Voldemort’ being an anagram of Tom Orvoloson Riddle.

Watch out Trevor the toad – there’s another character after your name! In Icelandic, Tom Riddle becomes Trevor Délgome, which is an anagram of ‘Ég er Voldemort’.

The Swedish edition of Harry Potter actually uses the Latin for ‘I am’ in the anagram of Voldemort’s name: ‘Ego Sum Lord Voldemort’ which becomes Tom Gus Mervolo Dolder. Gus is a name you don’t hear enough of in our opinion.

The Dutch version forgoes the forename Tom entirely with ‘Mijn naam is Voldemort’ becoming Marten Asmodom Vilijn… a name we think is suited to a bureaucrat who works at the Ministry of Magic

In Faroese, Tom Marvolo Riddle becomes Tom Evildo Reger (‘Eg eri Voldemort’) which is the most fitting name for him – he certainly did do evil.

This is a rather interesting translation. In the Romanian editions of the Harry Potter stories, Voldemort is known as Cap-de-Mort – with the literal translation being ‘Cap of death’. So, to make the big reveal ‘Eu sunt Lordul Cap-de-Mort’ work as an anagram, Tom’s name became Tomas Dorlent Cruplud.

In the Slovenian language, one of the biggest threats the wizarding world has ever faced has a name which is more middle management than evil overlord – Mark Neelstin. In fact, in this version there is no Voldemort, as the Dark Lord is known there as the foreboding Mrlakenstein.

The Norwegian translation introduces the dread you feel at the pit of your stomach when Voldemort appears on the page, with the name Tom Dredolo Venster, the anagram of 'Voldemort den store'.

Lord Voldemort / Tom Riddle Fact File Image lord-voldemort-tom-riddle_4_1800x1248

Arguably the translation that at least looks the closest to the English version of the books, the Turkish version of Voldemort’s name adds one extra letter with Tom Marvoldo Riddle (Adım Lord Voldemort).

Don’t be fooled, while the Greek version of Lord Voldemort’s name might be Anton Morvol Hert (Αντον Μόρβολ Χερτ), we can assure you this is still a character that is devoid of all heart.

You’ll find no Riddles in the Hungarian version of Lord Voldemort’s name, with his surname becoming something quite different. Tom Marvolo Riddle is now Tom Rowle Denem the anagram of ‘Nevem Voldemort’.

The Finnish version of Tom Riddle’s big reveal, ‘Ma olen Voldemort’, keeps his original first name but becomes Tom Lomen Valedro.

This is yet another language where only the middle name has undergone some tweaking. The German version of Voldemort’s name is Tom Vorlost Riddle (‘Ist Lord Voldemort’).