When it comes to exams are you an overachiever who likes to revise, revise, revise? Or do you take a casual approach? Whatever your style, there’s someone in the wizarding world like you. Read on to see who…

If you just want to follow your interests, you’re like... Harry Potter

Harry didn’t really struggle when it came to schoolwork – as his O.W.L. results proved. However, he did tend to work harder at the subjects that he was most interested in and let some others slide. When it came to Defence Against the Dark Arts, he excelled and got an Outstanding grade as a result. When it came to Divination, well… let’s just say he probably could have tried a little (or a lot) harder. If you’re like Harry, we imagine that your revision timetable looks a little bit lopsided. Whether you’re a maths whiz, history buff or drama kid, you know what you like and that’s what you are going to focus all your energy on. You don’t mind if your grades are different across the board as long as you shine in that favourite subject of yours. Though we have to say, it might not hurt to revise for a different topic every once in a while…

If preparation is your middle name, you're like… Hermione Granger

We imagine that there was nobody better at taking exams than Hermione Granger. From her extensive revision schedule to her intelligence and hardworking nature, she was always completely prepared for any tricky question. After all, this is the Gryffindor who managed to achieve 112% on her first-year Charms exam. If you’re somebody who takes revision seriously, then we think you’re most like Hermione Granger. You probably have a highly organised, colour-coded revision schedule prepared months before anyone else has even thought about preparing for exams. And like Hermione you try to encourage those around you to take revision seriously too… even if they don’t always appreciate it (we remember the talking homework planners she got Harry and Ron for Christmas). You hold yourself to high standards, have been referred to as an overachiever and never settle for anything less than your very best.

If you're a bit too laid back when it comes to hitting the books, you're like… Ron Weasley

Now while we definitely don’t think you should make yourself ill with worry over exams, it is possible be a little too relaxed about them. Ron was somebody that we think fell into that trap. Though it didn’t seem to worry him – he wasn’t afraid to make up a few goblin rebel names in a History of Magic exam if needed. And although he did do well overall, if it wasn’t for Hermione or other more diligent students encouraging him to revise, we think he probably would have done a lot less. If you’re like Ron, then you probably don’t stress about exams. You are happy to reward yourself frequent revision breaks, tend to procrastinate and don’t worry about the outcome too much. If we were you, we reckon it might be worth finding a study buddy to try and help instil a little bit more motivation.

If you need to have more confidence in your abilities, you’re like Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom was not a person who was brimming with confidence. While it was true that he struggled in some areas academically (Potions springs to mind), that’s not to say he wasn’t talented. His skill in Herbology was an example of this – Professor Sprout was always happy to sing his praises. Yet Neville wasn’t always able to see just how capable he really was and needed to have a little more faith in himself. Even Professor McGonagall thought he had the ability to pass his Transfiguration O.W.L. If Neville’s attitude towards his academic prowess is ringing any bells, then we think you’re most like him when it comes to exams. Despite the fact you can do well, you don’t always believe in yourself. Exams make you nervous and you end up second-guessing everything. Like Neville, you need to listen to those around who encourage you and trust yourself a little bit more.

If you’re naturally intelligent and unfazed by it all… you’re like Luna Lovegood

Though we never really hear about what Luna was like when it came to exams, we can imagine her attitude going into them. Firstly, she was a Ravenclaw and (like the majority of her house) she was intelligent. Though she often thought outside the box, it meant she was very insightful – which we reckon helped her when it came to sitting tests. Secondly, we think that Luna would have remained very unbothered by trivial things such as O.W.L.s, especially when there were much more exciting things to ponder… the Crumple-Horned Snorkack for example! If you’re someone who isn’t daunted by exams and can rely on their natural intelligence to pass quite comfortably, then we think you’re most similar to Luna. While you try your best, you don’t see them as the be-all and end-all. We imagine you don’t devote too much time to revision but do just enough to make sure you still do well, whilst allowing time for the rest of your interests and hobbies.


If you think your future lies outside academic achievement, you're like… Fred and George Weasley

Do you think that school is a waste of time? Do you think that you’re destined for a life or career that doesn’t rely on academic achievement? Do you not care at all when it comes to exams or revision? And do you have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak? Then you’ve got a lot in common with Fred and George. Although they both managed to scrape a handful of O.W.L.s, these two knew that their skillset and ambition lay outside of academics. Rather than hanging out in the library, they focussed on building their business – Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes – and very successfully too! Their joke shop was a huge hit with the witches and wizards who visited Diagon Alley. And with all the money they made, we bet they didn’t regret choosing to work on their Puking Pastilles over revising for the O.W.L.s. As somebody like them, we reckon you can completely understand their motivations. Whether it’s creating your own business, becoming a professional athlete or following the arts, you’re already heading towards your dream career and working hard to get there. Exams are just annoying trivialities that sometimes get in your way and revision is something you’re really not a fan of…