Who are the wizarding world’s biggest style icons?
Harry and Ron left out at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire

Albus Dumbledore: The quintessential wizard

A luxurious robe commands respect – something Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts headmaster, understood all too well. A man of refined taste, whose sartorial flair harked back to more genteel times, Dumbledore knew how to dress for both comfort and office.

Dumbledore closing the doors

His signature look included silks, velvet and bold primary colours, usually topped off with a jaunty matching hat. Finally, delicate half-moon glasses sat on the end of his rather long nose, which he pulled off with great aplomb.

Sybill Trelawney: Dreamy and distracted

Sybil Trelawney clutches her bag after being fired by Umbridge in the Order of the Pheonix

Sybill Trelawney took her offbeat style in an interesting direction. With her mind so clearly fixed on other times and places, her look embraced a certain absentmindedness that not many can successfully achieve.

Trelawney’s pale features complimented her large, reflective glasses and preference for wild hair, shawls and dreamy colours. The key to her aesthetic success? Commitment.

Luna Lovegood: The eclectic fashionista

Luna speaking to Sanguine at Slughorn's party

Luna Lovegood’s style was very quirky and experimental – something we might usually expect to find at the likes of many popular festivals.

Her skill in throwing together colour and seemingly random objects (such as radishes for earrings) revealed her innate creativity and love of recycling. With masses of white-blonde hair and large, luminous eyes, Lovegood’s look and style was distinctly unique.

Severus Snape: All black, all the time

Snape in his robes from the Order of the Pheonix

You can never go wrong with black, and Hogwarts Potions Master Severus Snape embraced the slender, ebony-wearing aesthetic with great gusto. We simply cannot fault the clean lines of his outfits, nor the swirling robes that portray such subtle menace.

His long, unwashed hair was in stark contrast to the rest of his look, communicating a certain nonchalant vibe that suggested him to be a serious man with little time for fashion. But, as we said: you can never go wrong with black.

Gilderoy Lockhart: Gilded peacock

Lockhart with his hand on his hip

A man with such taste! Gilderoy Lockhart had an obvious passion for beautiful fabrics, strong colours, gorgeous detail and expense – whoever his stylist was, give them a raise! Frankly, Lockhart’s chiselled jaw and well-cared-for physique would look fantastic wearing a bin liner.

While he latterly seemed to adopt a slightly more vague persona (coincidentally, ever since he accidentally erased his own memory), we don’t find it to be a distraction from his dashing good looks. If anything, it’s accentuated them.

Rita Skeeter: Bold and sassy

PMARCHIVE-WB F4 RitaSkeeter QuickQuotesQuill HP4D-5115 5WSnM8EaqWCmKWA6I22sYi-b12

Much like her writing, Rita Skeeter’s look was somewhat controversial. No look was too bold for the blonde journalist, who could rock shocking pink nails with banana yellow robes like she simply threw it on. Add the jewelled glasses, a pair of snappy heels and a crocodile skin purse and you’ve got yourself a strong fashion game. It was a risky play, and not for the faint of heart. But her flawlessly coiffed hair and poise made this the ultimate look for all aspiring writers.

An illustration of Rita Skeeter

Rubeus Hagrid: Untamed style

Hagrid looking sad before the execution of Buckbeak

In possession of a beard that would put most skinny-jean-wearing hipsters to shame, Rubeus Hagrid rocked a high-quality moleskin overcoat that had seen considerable wear and tear – an aesthetic you can often buy, but is better earned.

This gamekeeper dressed for functionality and warmth in the chilly Hogwarts grounds and had a fondness for pockets that we also share. Hagrid’s untamed looks were refreshing and rebellious, in contrast to traditional wizarding style. Here’s hoping it catches on.

Olympe Maxime: French chic

Madame Maxime in the Great Hall

Olympe Maxime was everything we wish we could be: tall with great hair and undisputedly French. Her statuesque presence always accentuated in the best possible way (black being a consistent and classic choice), and let’s not forget that power bob, stylishly pulled back to reveal timeless opal jewellery. Maxime had a certain je ne sais quoi about her look that we simply adore.

An illustration of Madame Maxime

Fred and George Weasley: Coordination is key

One might argue that all models look the same, but Fred and George Weasley share a style and personality so similar they could easily be mistaken for the same person.

Mischievous and laid-back, the two pranksters usually favoured everyday ‘Mugglewear’, unless they were doing business – then it was dragon-skin jackets and crazy, eye-catching colours. These two displayed a minimal interest in traditional wizarding fashion, which made them an interesting entry to watch for future fashion exploits.

Minerva McGonagall: The utilitarian

McGonagall Smiling having a drink from the Philosopher's Stone

Sombre and no-nonsense, Minerva McGonagall was a champion of a more utilitarian style. Here was a woman with little time for fripperies – her personal look leant towards dark colours, respectable necklines and fabulous witching hats. That being said, she appreciated quality materials and stylish cuts that were both timeless and flattering.

An illustration of McGonagall's robes
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