Lily Hevesh, AKA Hevesh5, has lent her talents to this amazing new video, where she has designed an epic domino fall with LEGO Harry Potter sets - and 25,000 dominoes.

Lily Hevesh has been creating incredible domino tricks on her YouTube channel since 2009 – and now, she has joined forces with Target and LEGO Harry Potter to make a new piece celebrating her love of the brand.

In the video below, you can enjoy the behind-the-scenes journey with Lily on how she created the domino fall effect in the first place, surrounded by LEGO Harry Potter characters, bricks and playsets. See how many references you can spot, from wizard chess to the Gryffindor-coloured domino pieces.

So, if you’re an aspiring domino effect artist yourself, this is how the magic happens! As you can see, sometimes challenges can arise...

Lily told us about how she fell in love with the wizarding world at a young age (‘my mother introduced me and read all seven books to me as bedtime stories’) and has been a fan ever since.

‘What I love most about Harry Potter is how real the Wizarding World feels, even though it is all a fantasy,’ she said. ‘When I watch the movies and read the books, I get completely immersed into this magical universe. The amount of thought put into creating such a detailed and convincing world filled with funny, relatable characters is truly incredible. From the set decorations, to the wardrobe choices, to creating Hogwarts, and developing an entirely new kind of culture from scratch, the Wizarding World is so exceedingly detailed that for a moment I can almost believe that it actually exists. Harry Potter is something that I can always count on if I need a heart-warming and enjoyable escape from reality.’

We’re sure there are many of you out there who can totally relate to Lily!