Have you finished reading Chapter Four of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone? Well then, you’re ready for this Chapter Challenge! How many house points can you collect? And can you complete your secret quest?

Welcome to your fourth Chapter Challenge!

A reminder: we've created a brand new special house points tracker that you can make at home which will help you keep score of your chapter challenge achievements. Take a look.

So, as you play our chapter challenges, you'll be able to add points to your jar (or whatever receptacle you may be using!) be them pebbles, marbles or something else.

Here's how we suggest doing it: mark each pebble or marble with '2 points' and every time you score 2 points, add a pebble or marble to your jar. You might need a few '1 point' markers as well, in case you score an odd number!

In this challenge below, 10 house points are available - so you could be putting a maximum of 5 marbles or pebbles (or whatever!) in your jar today.

Good luck...

Write down your favourite part of Chapter Four in one sentence. Why did you choose it?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Draw Dudley Dursley with a curly pig’s tail.

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Answer this question and get a clue about the next chapter. What type of bird hoots and usually only flies about at night?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Write about yourself: If, like Harry, you were offered a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, would you want to go? Would you be scared? Excited?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Prediction time! This is where you guess what might happen later in the book. Where do you think Hagrid will take Harry to get his school things?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Time to get creative: In 'The Keeper of the Keys', Hagrid brings Harry a birthday cake! It’s time for you to help out and make Harry Potter a card for his eleventh birthday. Fold over a piece of paper, and get started!

This mini-challenge is worth 2 house points.

Secret quest: Witches and wizards have some very strange names – Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid. Think of a wizard/witch name for yourself and get a member of your household to call you it for a whole day. Don’t tell them why. Need help making one up? Check out this Name Generator on Bloomsbury’s website!

This mini-challenge is worth 3 house points.


Quiz time: If this secret quest isn’t for you, you can collect the same number of house points if you answer every question correctly in our Chapter Four Quiz here...

Did you complete this Chapter Challenge? How many house points did you collect of the possible 10? Have you put all your pieces of paper in the hourglass so you don’t lose count?

Still need to find out which Hogwarts house you belong in? Here’s a link to register and find the Sorting Ceremony on our website. Or download the Wizarding World app to find out your house whilst wearing the Sorting Hat! You’ll need an adult to help you register.

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Illustration by Mary GrandPré © Scholastic