As a new Harry Potter-themed quiz launches on US Alexa devices to entertain young fans at home, here are all the other ways you can interact with the Wizarding World through Alexa, wherever you may be.

Much like a Pensieve, Amazon Alexa has now been filled with more Wizarding World wisdom – and is inviting you to play a brand-new Harry Potter-themed quiz. Here’s the details on that, along with a handy reminder of all the other Harry Potter activities you can play with Alexa if you’re not based in the US.

The original Harry Potter quiz on Alexa has now evolved – and can be played in even more territories

The Official Harry Potter Quiz, which launched back in 2018, is still available to play on Alexa, with some new additions. Simply use the command ‘Play Harry Potter Quiz’ to any Alexa device and enjoy a daily dose of quiz questions. The game is now available in India, Australia and Canada alongside the US and UK.

And there’s new ways of earning points too. Previously, you could only net points for your particular Hogwarts house and see a collective leaderboard – now you’ll be able to see your individual ranking for an extra-competitive edge!

Simply say, “Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz” to begin.

The latest quiz is aimed at children who may not have read Harry Potter yet

This latest addition, available for US-based fans, is titled the Wizarding World Book Quiz, and is specially designed for younger listeners. In fact, you don’t even need to have read the books to play this particular challenge. Players will simply be asked to listen to a Harry Potter audiobook excerpt carefully – and then answer a question based on observations made from the clip.

So, even if you have no idea what a Hippogriff is or a Supreme Mugwump – not to worry.

Every day comes with new surprises, such as bonus questions and points, the chance to earn special achievement badges, and themed questions if it’s a special day in the Wizarding World calendar – such as a character’s birthday, so check in regularly for new surprises!

The new quiz comes with Amazon FreeTime (a monthly subscription service that provides access to thousands of child-friendly books, TV shows, apps, games and more) or is available to buy separately for $4.99. There’s even a shorter, free version if you just want to test it out, which comes with seven days’ worth of questions.

Simply say “Alexa, play Wizarding World quiz” to begin this one.

Beyond the quizzes, you can also listen to the audiobooks with a special Audible listening event

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will be available to listen to, in its entirety, in German, French, Italian and English language (with Japanese soon to follow) with Stephen Fry and Jim Dale narrating the English-language UK and US editions respectively.

All you need to do to trigger the audiobook is say, “Alexa, read Harry Potter Book 1”, sit back, and enjoy.

And what if you don’t live in any of those countries?

If you don’t live in any of the countries listed above, never fear. Audible has recently launched Audible Stories, where hundreds of classic books are available to listen to until the end of April, wherever you are. And this includes the Stephen Fry edition of Philosopher’s Stone. You can learn more about Audible stories here.


So, however you like to enjoy your daily dose of Wizarding World fun, why not explore some of Alexa’s activities with the family?

The new Harry Potter quiz challenges can be played on various Amazon Alexa devices, Amazon Fire TV and the free Alexa app. For more information on Alexa Skills, visit the Amazon website.

US-based fans can try out the new quiz here.

The skill is available to download here.