Here's everything you need to know about the Harry Potter Fan Club's pins.

1. Did you know that some Harry Potter Fan Club pins are rarer than others?

Some are limited edition, some are exclusively available in a particular set, some are glow-in-the-dark and some have hidden surprises to unlock. So keep a look out and see what secrets you’ll discover.

2. You can collect the Harry Potter pins in sets or as individual pins.

Some of the individual pins are one-off specials and limited editions that won’t come around again so snap them up when you can. Explore the ones currently available here..

3. There’s a little secret hidden in the hexagonal pin set boxes.

Magnets in the walls of each box mean that you can connect multiple sets together and build a magical display.

Pins Box Set Pile

5. You can unlock extra surprises within the Harry Potter Fan Club app

If you discover an Enchanted Key or Secret code on the packaging, try scanning or entering it into the app and see what secrets you discover.

6. Each pin set contains a set exclusive - an extra rare pin that you can’t get anywhere else


You can collect the Hufflepuff Badger, Slytherin Snake, Ravenclaw Eagle and Gryffindor Lion when you collect the house sets.

7. Share your pins online with us

Every pin tells a story, what’s yours? See what other Harry Potter fans have been doing with their collections and share your pin seeking pictures using #HarryPotterPinSeeking. For a chance to be featured, read our Submission Terms.

Fancy getting your hands on new pins as soon as they’re released?

Harry Potter Fan Club members get early access to the latest pin releases*. If you haven’t already, join for free here.

Hermione Set-Campaign Image 3 CORK LANDSCAPE

There is lots more pin magic to come so keep a Seeker’s eye out for updates and new releases.

Early access requires Harry Potter Fan Club membership and pins are subject to availability. Stock of some pin designs may be very limited. Offer applies to purchases from the Harry Potter online shop only. Other limitations and terms and conditions apply.