Be inspired by the enviable creativity of these five Harry Potter fans, who have got into the Back to Hogwarts spirit with some magical creations, from family Quidditch adventures to gorgeous papercrafts.

Universal’s Shepherd’s Pie from @mommynamedapril

We start with food blogger Mama Loves Food, who has brought a British favourite to life: a lovely shepherd’s pie. The recipe comes from Universal Studios, which is served at The Three Broomsticks pub for fans visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade. In the Harry Potter books, Harry and his fellow students loved a bit of shepherd’s pie every now and then while dining in the Great Hall.

A papercraft Platform Nine and Three-Quarters from @wight_noize

Marvel at this amazingly detailed piece from Instagrammer and graphic designer wight_noize (aka Thomas Wightman) who has reimagined Platform Nine and Three-Quarters entirely out of paper, complete with suitcases and flying owls.

Sorting Hat cupcakes from @priyaoshea

And now for pudding! Food vlogger and Great British Bake Off alumni Priya O Shea has created these delicious Sorting Hat cupcakes for your entertainment, with the help of her son! We love the fact you have to eat them to discover which house you truly belong to.

Quidditch match from @Notsofunnydad

Content creator, Nigel, AKA NotSoFunnyDad, along with his family, have recreated a good old fashioned Quidditch match, and created the illusion of his children actually flying! You can visit Notsofunnydad’s Instagram to see the behind-the-scenes journey of how he brought it to life, with the help of a bit of camera wizardry.


Floating Hogwarts letters from @myharrypottercorner

Getting the big, important Hogwarts letter is a huge moment for a budding witch or wizard, which Instagrammer @MyHarryPotterCorner, aka Hector, has paid homage to in this magical photoshoot. Here, Hector has perfected the moment where Harry is engulfed in his own flying Hogwarts letters. We love that Hector has stayed true to his Slytherin roots with a little homage to his house in the corner.

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