This year marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. Yes, 20 years! In the lead up to this huge milestone, we’ll be celebrating beloved moments from the first film. And today, we turn to you, the fans, who have shared some of your favourite memories from the movie that started it all.

As we draw closer to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone’s 20th anniversary, we’ll be celebrating some of our favourite scenes, quotes, characters and memories from the first instalment of the Harry Potter films. But first, we want to know some of yours!

So, recently, we asked you a big question: what is your favourite moment from the first Harry Potter film? You sent us hundreds of brilliant responses, which involved several Wingardium Levi-o-sah gifs and a healthy number of ‘troll in the dungeon!’ memes. But there were many other fantastic suggestions that we thought deserved their moment in the spotlight. Here’s just a few.

‘Yer a wizard, ‘Arry’

This iconic moment needs no introduction or explanation, and it feels only right that we kick off this list with the moment Harry discovered who he really was. Many of you sent in this magical scene as your favourite, including fans Mattia and Abby. Thanks, you two!

Harry’s wand choosing him

Who can forget the moment that Harry’s wand chose him? We thought it was legendary – and so did plenty of you…

Bradford wrote in to say: ‘I’ll never forget my cousin taking my sister and I to see this movie when I was 7. I think I was most compelled by the scene where Harry got his wand, because after years of being neglected by his family, he finally had something tangible to show he belonged in the wizarding community.’

While Vivi added, ‘Ollivanders! The wand choosing the wizard! It is so magical and perfect that moment.’

In fact, Harry’s whole trip to Diagon Alley gave us many amazing firsts as well as his wand – the first time we meet Hedwig, the first time he goes to Gringotts, the first time Harry truly realises he’s famous...

Harry’s wonder at receiving presents

The Dursleys never wanted to give Harry anything if they could avoid it – including presents. When Harry joined the wizarding world it was heart-warming to see his shock and joy at the mere concept of receiving gifts…

Anna contacted us saying ‘My favourite part is Hagrid’s pure happiness when he holds up Hedwig outside the window for Harry.’

Aigars also pinpointed this moment:

‘My favourite part was when Harry gets whole photo album of his parents. Hagrid knows what the best presents are.’

He certainly does. And finally, Krizz got in touch to give a shoutout to one of the most important magical objects of all time, that Harry just so happened to get as a mysterious Christmas present.

‘I love all the moments from Sorcerer's Stone, but my most favourite part was when he received the Cloak of Invisibility,’ he said.

The Hogwarts Express made an appearance

Whether it was Harry making friends with Ron or the golden trio being in the same place for the first time, plenty of you enjoyed the first moments spent on the Hogwarts Express…

We were inundated with responses around this particularly pivotal scene, with introduced us to not just Ron, but Hermione and Neville too.

Gianni said: ‘Has to be when Harry, Ron & Hermione first meet on the Hogwarts Express. Start of an era.’

Lisa added: ‘Seeing the Hogwarts Express for the first time – still magical.’

And Sam reflected, ‘I love when Harry and Ron first meet on the Hogwarts Express. That moment is sweet when Ron asks Harry to see his scar and also the first moment where you feel sorry for Ron because of his lack of money.’

And of course, big kudos to Mrs Weasley who kindly told Harry how to get on to Platform Nine and Three Quarters in the first place! ‘Best do it at a bit of a run, if you’re nervous...’

Seeing Hogwarts for the first time

Hogwarts is so central to the Harry Potter story – it almost feels like a character in its own right. And plenty of you thought the best movie moment was when we saw the famous wizarding school for the very first time…

Mary said: ‘I think it's one of my strongest memories... When boats were heading towards an illuminated Hogwarts and first years were amazed by its glory. Plus the background music which made it more epic and unforgettable.’

Nick also messaged us about this moment to compliment the transition from page to screen.

‘For me, as a reader of the novels, it was that first view of Hogwarts. This movie was so faithful to the book in many ways and such a pleasure to watch,’ he told us.

And getting to Hogwarts would lead Harry to so many more important points in the story, such as meeting huge characters (does ‘Mr Potter, our new celebrity’ ring any bells?) and discovering many of the castles’ secrets, from the emotional scene at the Mirror of Erised to overcoming the obstacles hiding the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry realising Hogwarts was his home

Privet Drive was never really home for Harry. So, to see him find his people and place at Hogwarts was just brilliant. Lots of you also fondly remembered the moment Harry realised he had finally found a loving home.

Melissa said: ‘His first night at Hogwarts sitting in the window nook looking out into the moonlight when everyone else is asleep. The beginning of a whole new life.’

Shirley also adored Harry finding his place, saying ‘I love the safety and the happiness Harry felt when he talked about Hogwarts as his home now in the end of the film.’

And finally, Vitenka highlighted just how emotional that goodbye moment must have been for our main character.

‘Maybe the final scene, I got the feeling that Harry would miss Hogwarts in the summer!’

And this is just a modest handful of the many, many answers we were sent from fans all over the world. 20 years may have passed, but we still remember so many of these scenes like it was yesterday. So, keep checking back as we continue to explore the magic behind Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone in the upcoming months. The nostalgia trip is only just beginning...

And remember, it’s not too late to rewatch the first film and have a trip down memory lane yourself!

Please note: the answers to this article have been edited for spelling/grammar/clarity.