From making magical creatures to the creation of Quidditch - join the talents behind the camera to discover just how the first Harry Potter film came to be!

Building the Hogwarts Castle with Robbie Scott

Robbie Scott was the model supervisor on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, creating several for this film. But Hogwarts was the model that really stayed in his mind...

Behind the Movie Magic with John Richardson

Special effects supervisor John Richardson spearheaded many of the many magical moments you see in the first film. Learn how Wingardium Leviosa was executed via a fishing rod and a feather and much more...

The Making of Quidditch with Pierre Bohanna

Pierre was the head propmaker on the first Harry Potter film, creating all manner of spellbinding magical objects. Here, he discusses his favourite props created across the Quidditch pitch - including the intricate details on brooms - and of course, the Golden Snitch.

Wizard Chess with Gary Tomkins and Neil Lamont

Gary Tomkins and Neil Lamont discuss the inspiration behind the giant wizards' chess set. While neither of them thinks they could navigate a match to checkmate, they share which Hogwarts house they’re a part of and what Quidditch position they’d be.

Magical Creatures with Nick Davis

Visual effects supervisor Nick Davis dives into the creation of Norbert the Dragon – the first (but not the last) dragon featured in the Harry Potter film series, and the special effects that made the scene come to life for both the actors and in the film.

And there you have it! Which behind-the-scenes fact did you enjoy learning the most from our selection of experts?

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