With his birthday falling on 1st March, did you know this would make Ron Weasley a Pisces? But is our favourite redhead anything like his star sign? Let’s dive in…

In Harry Potter’s world, there’s Divination, Astronomy and prophecies – all used to make sense of the mysteries of the universe and the great beyond. But what about astrology? We know Professor Trelawney did touch upon it, but do any of our favourite characters happen to display personality traits that are unique to their star sign?

Well, we thought it would be fun to find out! As it is Pisces season, we’re looking at our king, Ron Weasley. Of course, any similarities may be a total coincidence. We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Why not share this with your Pisces friends and see what they think?

Goes with the flow

Pisces are considered Water signs by astrologers. However, they’re not just any Water sign – they are the ‘mutable’ Water sign. Put simply, like the ocean, Pisces are able to adapt to any given situation and go with the flow.

That ability to go with the flow was something we saw Ron demonstrated time and time again. Any dangerous and hare-brained scheme that Harry would come up with (like following a bunch of spiders into the Forbidden Forest), that was likely to get them killed (or worse, expelled), Ron would be there. And yes, sometimes he’d complain (mostly about a lack of food on the Horcrux hunt) but Ron would take whatever was thrown at him and adapt to his surroundings – often with his sense of humour still intact.



‘Ron Weasley can’t be sensitive!’ we hear you cry. After all, this is the boy Hermione said had the emotional range of a teaspoon. Yet, like other fellow Pisces, he was. Bear with us while we explain, and we think you’ll end up agreeing…

Pisces are known for being ruled by their emotions. They absorb the energies surrounding them and are likely to make decisions based on their hearts rather than their heads. Now, remember when Harry, Ron and Hermione were on the Horcrux hunt? It was Ron who was most affected by Slytherin’s locket. He was so sensitive to its power – much more than logical Hermione or even Harry – that he temporarily left his friends. However, Ron recognised how deeply he had felt the energy of the locket and came back. His sensitivity might have made him vulnerable, but it proved just how deeply he could feel – which is never a bad thing.



Despite a couple of wobbles (well, he’s only human), Ron was one of Harry’s most loyal friends and that is a trait often found amongst Pisces. They are dependable, generous and will help anyone that has fallen upon hard times.

When Ron first met Harry, though he had a small fortune in his vault at Gringotts, he had gone through ten difficult years with the Dursleys. He needed someone who would be on his team and Ron became that person. Ron generously shared his family and home with Harry, defended him when others (including his brother) called Harry a liar and made it clear that no matter what happened they would be friends forever… You can’t defeat one of the Darkest wizards of all time and not be bonded for life.

Capable of great sacrifice

Those who fall under this zodiac sign can be attracted to the cosier side of life – and who can blame them? However, if they find a cause or a project that they truly believe in, they are also capable of hard work and sacrifice. Now, we think Ron was adept at both of these things. Yes, he might have enjoyed an easy life of eating Mrs Weasley’s home cooked meals and hanging out with Harry and Hermione, but he too could do great things when given the chance.

Cast your mind back to Philosopher’s Stone and a certain giant wizarding chess match. This was Ron’s moment. He loved wizard chess and was clearly talented at it (he probably worked harder at his chess strategy than his homework). And when it came to that fateful moment through the trapdoor, he poured all his energy into winning the match. He even sacrificed himself to ensure his friends were safe and that they secured victory. That’s the thing: like other Pisces, if the fate of others rested on his shoulders, Ron would do anything for them. If it was just his own Divination essay or Transfiguration revision… he was a little less motivated.

Searching for a sense of self

According to the astrologers, one of the biggest journeys a Pisces will go on in their life, is the journey of finding their sense of self. This can be tricky for this star sign as their symbol, two fish swimming in opposite directions (pulled apart by conflicting emotions and desires), demonstrates. You might not think that the unhurried Ron Weasley would be on an epic quest of self-discovery, but we reckon if you take a peek beneath the surface, this does apply to our favourite redhead.

As the youngest son in a large family, Ron did appear to question who he was. He had a lot to live up to – what with Head Boy Bill, Quidditch captain Charlie, perfect Prefect Percy, larger-than-life Fred and George and fierce only-daughter Ginny. Where did he fit into all of this? Would he always slip under the radar in his hand-me-downs? This is something we saw him deal with throughout the stories – from when he saw himself outshining his siblings in the Mirror of Erised to when his fell out with Harry due to his insecurity of being overshadowed by him in Goblet of Fire.

However, we also saw Ron grow, discover who he is and become his own person. And that person was a Horcrux destroying, Dark Lord fighting, King of the Quidditch pitch… and loyal friend. Like those who share his star sign, it might have taken him a while to figure out who he was, but he did, and the payoff was worth it.

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