Poor Lav-Lav. Sure, the Gryffindor student had a tendency to lean towards the saccharine, but we all remember being a lovelorn teenager, right?
Lavender Brown writes a love message to Ron on the window of the Hogwarts Express.

We defy you to not have committed at least one of these lovesick crimes.

When she laughed at everything Ron said

Hermione’s remonstration was drowned by a loud giggle; Lavender Brown had apparently found Ron’s remark highly amusing. She continued to laugh as she passed them, glancing back at Ron over her shoulder. Ron looked rather pleased with himself.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Lavender may have been prone to giggling a bit too much, especially in the presence of Ron, but the act is pretty relatable. Who hasn’t burst into fits of laughter at their crush’s terrible banter? We were all young and in love once, and to be fair, Ron seemed to like it, for a while.

Laughing at every miniscule thing your S.O. does is pretty much part and parcel of being in a teen relationship. So who can blame Lavender for finding everything Won-Won did side-splittingly hilarious? To laugh in such a situation is usually a sign of over-compensation when we’re feeling a bit nervous, so no wonder Lavender was feeling a bit giggly when she locked eyes on the ginger heartbreaker.

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When she got easily jealous

‘You did brilliantly, Ron!’
This time it really was Hermione running towards them from the stands; Harry saw Lavender walking off the pitch, arm in arm with Parvati, a rather grumpy expression on her face.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We have all most certainly been there. You’re crushing hard on someone, hoping they’ll notice your sorry existence, and then you see them getting cosy with someone else. Too many broken hearts. You can’t blame Lavender for being a bit insecure when it came to Hermione – the pair were best friends and had been through so much together, after all. As Ron’s girlfriend, it’s not entirely unreasonable Lavender would want to congratulate him after his Quidditch victory.

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Lavender’s jealousy didn’t stop there – even when she and Ron were officially a couple he spent more time with Hermione than she was comfortable with. Being so easily suspicious may not lead to a massively healthy relationship but it’s not a massive shock Lavender developed a bit of a complex. Ron did spend a lot of time with Hermione over Lavender, who was supposed to be his actual girlfriend, let us not forget.

These suspicions eventually led to the end of Won-Won and Lavender’s saga, when she saw him leave the Gryffindor dormitory with Hermione. With Ron’s disinterest in their relationship and very little communication, it was totally understandable for Lavender to call things off, and Ron dealt with the break-up pretty terribly, truth be told.

‘What were you doing up there with her?’ shrieked Lavender Brown, staring right through Harry at Ron and Hermione emerging together from the boys’ dormitories. Harry heard Ron spluttering behind him as he darted across the room away from them.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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When she enjoyed a lot of PDA

Lavender and Ron definitely took the prize for biggest amount of PDA in the wizarding world. After all, when you’re 15, every single location is suddenly a lavish, romantic setting. Lav and Ron were a couple we all recognise – maybe even recognise in ourselves – because the image of them snogging each other’s faces off is permanently etched into our minds.

There, in full view of the whole room, stood Ron wrapped so closely around Lavender Brown it was hard to tell whose hands were whose.
‘It looks like he’s eating her face, doesn’t it?’ said Ginny dispassionately. ‘But I suppose he’s got to refine his technique somehow.’
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Why begrudge Lavender the chance to show off her new beau? It may not even have been planned – sometimes you’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot and just go for it.

Lavender sits with Ron in Hogwarts.

When she sent the most cringe-worthy gift

Okay, we may have to draw the line here. Lavender was young and in love, so we can forgive the very public snogging and the initial nerves that made her jealous of anyone within a metre of Won-Won. But giving the latter a bulky necklace with the words ‘My Sweetheart’ on it? Oh, Lavender… why?

‘What’s that?’ asked Harry.
‘It’s from Lavender,’ said Ron, sounding revolted. ‘She can’t honestly think I’d wear ...’
Harry looked more closely and let out a shout of laughter. Dangling from the chain in large gold letters were the words ‘My Sweetheart’.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

So we can’t account for Lavender’s taste, but at least she bothered to get him something. The horrifically tacky necklace merely showed how earnest Lavender was, which made Ron a git for not breaking up with her sensitively. We can all verge a bit on the annoying side when we get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, as is the nature of romance.

Lavender, we understand. Trust us.

Lavender cries over Ron dumping her
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