As you may have heard us mention over the past couple of months... it's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's 20th anniversary! And if you're planning on having a watch party of the first film, we have the perfect watch party activity kit for you.

From downloadable decorations to party game suggestions - if you're going to have a watch party, this watch party kit will be your pefect companion.

You can download and print the UK version here.
Or the US version here!

The watch party kit has oh-so-many ideas for you and your friends to try out before, during and after you've rewatched the film. For example, you could get in the mood for the film by building your own Hogwarts castle out of cardboard... or making some Harry Potter themed snacks for the evening ahead. The kit even involves downloadable decorations if you want to doll up your living room.

Then, whilst watching the film, why not try 'spot the prop' - and see if you can tick off all twenty artefacts. There is also a companion guide if you are watching the Magical Movie Mode version of the film - a special Digital, Blu-ray and DVD feature that came out this year. If you have Magical Movie Mode, your version of the film comes jam-packed with filmmaking secrets, spell incantations, trivia, fun activities and curiosities. And our watch party kit has a game you can play alongside it!

For now, we shall leave you to get ready for your watchalong parties accordingly. But however you choose to celebrate twenty years of the first film - remember to grab a box of tissues, because it's going to be emotional!

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