While the wizarding world does come with its fair share of terrifying beasts (although Hagrid would beg to differ) there are more adorable magical creatures roaming around too. We’ve put together our favourites for you – just for a good mood boost.

(And you’ll be pleased to know that Aragog and his Acromantula colony do not make the cut here.)

The Mooncalf

Now, despite their spindly legs and webbed feet, there’s something about the Mooncalf and those big, bulging blue eyes that just warms our hearts. Mooncalves are also rather odd creatures, as they emerge from their burrows by the light of the full moon to perform ‘complicated’ dances that leave geometric patterns in wheat fields. However bizarre their hobbies may be, it’s safe to say that the Mooncalf definitely beats the werewolf as the cutest creature to come out at night.



Bowtruckles are not only quite sweet, but extremely useful little tree guardians. Newt Scamander found the creatures so fascinating that he kept one as a miniature sidekick in his pocket – named Pickett. Okay, so Pickett might be a little needy at times, but his loyalty to Newt is unparalleled. We admire that level of dedication.


Newt Scamander’s Niffler

Ah, the troublesome Niffler. Destructive, yet one of the fluffiest, cutest creatures in the wizarding world. Perhaps we’re drawn to their mischievous personalities, but Newt Scamander certainly isn’t the only one to have a special place in their heart for the little Niffler. We’d happily have one as a pet, even if it meant our precious items would most likely get stolen. The things we do for love.


Baby Norberta (aka Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback)

We’re certain Ron would suggest we’ve lost our marbles to include Norberta in this list, but we just couldn’t leave her out. Previously known as Norbert, Hagrid’s baby dragon was one of the earliest magical creatures we ever met – so maybe that’s why this creature warmed the cockles of our heart. Or perhaps that’s just the fire-breathing. Of course, baby dragons are still extremely deadly with dangerously venomous fangs, but we still think they’re just as lovely as kittens. No, just us?

Pygmy Puffs

We have one stand-out reason for including Pygmy Puffs in this list: they’re just so fluffy. Bred as miniature versions of Puffskeins by the troublesome Fred and George Weasley, the violently pink and purple balls of fluff are one of the more innocent things you can buy at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. As if they’re not heart-warming enough on their own, did you know that the collective noun for a group of Puffskeins (or Pygmy Puffs) is called a poffle? A poffle!

Fluffy (while asleep only)

Speaking of things that are fluffy, we thought we’d also give a shout out to the three-headed dog with that exact name. All you’ve got to do is play him a bit of music and he falls right to sleep – how cute is that? We think this perilous canine from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was simply misunderstood.

Fluffy resized


And last but by no means least, we have another one of Hagrid’s pets, the Hippogriff. We meet the ever-endearing Buckbeak in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where he immediately stole our hearts.

Despite being rather dangerous (as Malfoy found out the hard way) if tamed by an expert, the Hippogriff can be one of the most loyal and helpful creatures – hence their rightful place on the list.

WB F3 Buckbeak HarryStrokesBuckbeaksHead HP3-FX-226

And there we have it. Our picks for the cutest creatures of the wizarding world – and we’re in a better mood already. Do you think we missed any that deserved a spot?

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