Over the last couple of days, we've been challenging you to help us solve some puzzles and riddles, as if you yourself were overcoming obstacles to seek the Philosopher's Stone. You can find the complete puzzle journey just below...

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Today's challenge: Through the Trapdoor

Today, your mission is simply to find the answer in this verse. Complete this riddle and use the answer as a Secret Code in our Harry Potter Fan Club app.

Think of a name of a demonic spirit
That would evoke fear in people that hear it
Then think of a trap used to catch and strangle
Stay calm, and you will get out of this tangle.

If you don't have the app, scan our handy code right here and get involved! Another challenge will be waiting for you there...


Flying Keys

Today, we want you to catch the key, just like Harry did during his adventure to reach the Stone. You must complete this quiz all about flying objects to discover an Enchanted Key to scan at the end.

After that - see what extra surprise you find in the app...

(And if you need a reminder to scan Enchanted Keys - no problem. Read here.)

So, see you tomorrow?

Wizard Chess

Now. instead of inviting you to a frankly very dangerous game of wizard chess... we're inviting you to play this much safer wordsearch about chess. Although saying that, this wordsearch does like to misbehave a little.

Channel your inner Ron Weasley and have a go.

Once you've found the words, an anagram will pop up at the end of this puzzle. Yep, that's right! Another puzzle! Solve the anagram and use the code you discover to unlock in our app for another game. Clue: the answer to the anagram proved very useful for Harry when he was trying to solve his own mystery...

The Mirror of Erised

The Mirror of Erised is one of the more emotional moments we share with Harry as he discovers his lost parents and family just behind a pane of glass.

For your final challenge - let's turn things on their head a little.

Try out this riddle to see what we mean.

.eulc lanif ruoy s'tahT .enoemos evol uoy nehW
hguorht senihs syawla taht noitome na fo kniht woN
tseb eht efil ruoy evil uoy spleh tahT
tsehc ruoy edisni enihcam eht fo knihT

The answer will produce one final secret code to use in your app - taking you to the final piece of our little puzzle.

Thank you so much for playing these games with us for the past couple of days. All of these brainteasers must have left you exhausted, not to mention hungry. Good news, then. Come back to the 20 Years of Movie Magic hub next week for a slap-up end-of-year-feast where we'll present you with some final treats for all your hard work!

Congratulations and enjoy your final puzzle!