In the wizarding world, this time of year has Hogwarts students excitedly packing their trunks to go back to the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite new Harry Potter-themed products that any aspiring witch or wizard would definitely want to pack in their trunk!

The Harry Potter x H&M kidswear collection

This new clothing and accessories collection from H&M could certainly rival Madam Malkin’s in Diagon Alley! Aimed at newborns to young teens, this Harry Potter-inspired collection will get your youngsters Hogwarts-ready, even if they’re not quite old enough to receive that all important letter yet! From Hogwarts house-themed hats to Hedwig sweatshirts, the H&M Kidswear Harry Potter capsule collection has something magical to inspire every child. And it’s available now! Click here to check it out.


Harry Potter-inspired charms from Pandora

Like us, we’re sure you love carrying the magic of the wizarding world with you wherever you go. So… we are beyond excited that Pandora, have recently released six – yes six! – new Harry Potter-inspired charms so you can do just that! Their Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and Sorting Hat charms will really get you in the Back to Hogwarts spirit, and we know you’ll love all the others too. See how many you can spot in the image below! And then check out the new charms, as well as the rest of the beautiful Harry Potter x Pandora collection here.


New collectible range of pins from the Harry Potter Fan Club

How about celebrating Back to Hogwarts by showing off your house pride? These first pins are all about the Hogwarts houses. So, be you Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff, your enamel pin set of choice is perfectly catered to the iconography and colours of your house. Take a look at the collection so far here and learn how you can start your own pin seeking journey.


More exciting products for fans based in the US...

We would certainly recommend US-based fans checking out the recent Vera Bradley x Harry Potter collaboration – amongst many other exciting products, they have beautiful backpacks with dedicated wand pockets! The Wizarding World baby carrier range from ErgoBaby is also well worth a look, so you can start their magical journeys early…

Plus, there are more Back to Hogwarts treats available than on the Hogwarts Express trolley, at the US Wizarding World online shop. We’re sure you’ll love this Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, as well as exclusive house apparel and accessories. Something no Hogwarts student should be without is a house crest scarf to wrap up for the castle in winter!

Get Back to Hogwarts-ready with Platform 93/4

UK-based shop, Platform 93/4 will help you celebrate the 1st September in style this year with its Back to Hogwarts range. Platform Nine and Three-Quarters tickets, House Quidditch jumpers, and beautifully designed stationery are just a few of the Back to Hogwarts delights you can purchase from this special collection. And from September 1st you’ll be able to buy their brand-new Back to Hogwarts trunks. These new trunks are packed with goodies, themed on Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff house. Which one will you choose? Get a sneak peek below! And you’ll find more information and more exciting products here.


Don’t forget that Gold Members of the Harry Potter Fan Club can enjoy up to 20% discount at the Harry Potter Shop. Find out more about the benefits of Gold Membership here.

And once you’re done with your wizarding shopping spree, Platform 93/4 have got some Harry Potter-themed games and puzzles for you to play:

Download and print a Chocolate Frog puzzle here!

Find a colouring activity here!

A Back to Hogwarts wordsearch here! And answers here.

Download and print a Platform 93/4 shop puzzle here!

That’s it for now, but keep your Spectrespecs nearby because there is plenty more fun to be had on 1st September!

In the meantime there’s plenty more start of term fun to be had with the Back to Hogwarts hub here, where you can play quizzes, learn about start of term traditions, or revisit our Harry Potter At Home series, where we invited a number of famous friends to read every chapter of the first Harry Potter book.