Revisit platform nine and three-quarters in this animation of an iconic scene from our friends at LEGO

Finding Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

This recreation is particularly poignant around the 1st September. Check out the LEGO steam on the Hogwarts Express!

Find more animations from our friends at LEGO here! Just click on the video you want to watch and enjoy the magic... But that's not all – we've hidden 7 letters that make up a secret code on 7 of the 9 video pages below. Watch the video and then scroll all the way to the bottom of each page see what you can find. Collect all 7 letters and try to work out the magical word. Then download the Wizarding World App, enter the code and unlock an extra surprise!

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LEGO have also put together some Back to Hogwarts activities for you to download here to get properly into the spirit with the family. It’s not all about building bricks, you know.

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