Published on Dec 2nd 2016

These best friends balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, care for each other deeply and would defend the other to the death. But let’s face it – both were useless at making the first move…

They were each as stubborn as the other, for a start, so their first kiss took seven years to happen. Ron refused to swallow his pride and just ’fess up, adopting affectionate displays with girls he wasn’t even that crazy about instead of his real crush.

Hermione doesn’t get off the hook either. Just to prove how maddening this couple were, we’ve compiled the opportunities we believe were just perfect for a grand gesture…

When Ron defended Hermione’s honour

One of the earliest signals that Ron would do anything for Hermione came when he defended her against Draco Malfoy.

When Malfoy used the offensive term ‘Mudblood’ against Hermione, Ron fought back with a spell to make him pay – which unfortunately, thanks to Ron’s broken wand, backfired and left him spewing slugs.

Yeah, so maybe Hermione shouldn’t have kissed Ron while he was vomiting slimy creatures, but it was sort of romantic?

When Ron offered to help Hermione with work

Another opportunity missed was when the notoriously work-shy Weasley offered to help Hermione with Buckbeak’s appeal following a huge fight over Crookshanks ‘eating’ Ron’s pet rat Scabbers.

Ron was clearly going all out to make it up to Hermione and there was plenty of valuable private library time for a sneaky kiss – instead, they made up with a hug. Boo.

At the Yule Ball, obviously

Ron made error after error when the fourth years were forced to choose a date for the Yule Ball. Firstly, moaning about ‘ending up with a pair of trolls’ (c’mon Ron, not cool) and secondly, asking her out as a last resort when he remembered she was one of those ‘girl’ creatures.

After Hermione attended the ball with Viktor Krum, the two had a blazing row at the end of the party, with Hermione obviously taking Ron to task for not asking her out in the first place. This was the perfect moment for Ron to passionately take Hermione in his arms and reveal his true feelings at last! But no, he just went off and sulked.

When Hermione offered to finish Ron and Harry’s essays

We all know that one of Hermione’s pet peeves (not that Peeves) was Ron and Harry getting behind on their homework, so her offering to finish Ron’s essay for Professor Sinistra after he received an annoying letter from Percy was a big deal.

Ron was very grateful, maybe grateful enough to lean in and have a... oh. Nope.

When Ron kind of admitted his feelings for Hermione but didn’t properly because that was just SO Ron

Ah, Half-Blood Prince – when the tension just became too much. Hermione was going to ask Ron as her date to Professor Slughorn’s party, but even this descended into a row.

When Hermione asked if he would rather her ‘get off’ with his arch enemy Cormac McLaggen, Ron replied that he wouldn’t – which was the closest he’d ever got to admitting his feelings. RON, YOU WERE SO CLOSE.

When Ron woke up after being poisoned

Ron came close to death when he was accidentally poisoned in Slughorn’s office, but was saved by Harry and a bezoar.

While resting up in the hospital wing, he almost definitely confessed his love for Hermione by uttering her name in his sleep. This was clearly a beautiful moment between the would-be couple, and could’ve been a magical moment if only Ron hadn’t been unconscious. Honestly, Ron.

When Ron returned to the middle of nowhere

In Deathly Hallows, the pair had quite a few telling little moments of affection (such as Hermione washing Ron’s underpants! Swoon!) so it was a huge disappointment when, after so much progress, Ron devastated Hermione by abandoning her and Harry during their hunt for Horcruxes.

When he returned, his rousing speech about destroying a Horcrux could’ve been a beautiful reunion, but instead Hermione punched him.

It’s a miracle these two ever puckered up, really.


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