From Albus, James and Lily to Hugo and Rose… and who can forget Scorpius? We take a look at the next wizarding generation and all the things we learn about them in Cursed Child.

Rose’s Quidditch skills probably came from her Weasley side

While Rose Granger-Weasley had a lot of traits that she shared with her mother, Hermione (more on that later), one thing that seemed to come from her Weasley side was her skill at Quidditch. When Rose had her first flying lesson, she just had to yell ‘Up’ once, and her broomstick went sailing into her hand. This is in direct contrast to Hermione’s first flying lesson where her broomstick just rolled around on the ground. Rose was so talented that like Ron, Fred, George, Charlie and Ginny before her, she made her mark as a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team – where she was a Chaser. So, while her intelligence might have been all Granger, her sporting prowess was all Weasley.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cast 3: Ron Hermione and Rose

Though she was very like her mother

As we mentioned previously, Rose did share quite a few similarities with her mother. As Hermione revealed to Harry and Ginny, as they waved Albus and Rose off for their first year at Hogwarts, Rose was already concerned with how quickly she would be allowed to take her O.W.L.s.! Her ambition and her drive to be the best was so Hermione. And just like her mother, we can imagine Rose going on to do some great things too.

James seemed to be very like his grandfather

James Potter’s name suited him to a tee. He was very like his grandfather (and namesake) the original James Potter. Both James’s were self-assured with a mischievous streak. Everything seemed to come easily to James, and he breezed through his time at Hogwarts with confidence – which feels quite reminiscent of his grandfather. He also seemed to share his love for Quidditch… his trunk combination being the day he got his first broom. They also had a shared sense of humour. James seemed to take great pleasure in winding up his little brother Albus, from his teasing about Thestrals to his jokes about being sorted into Slytherin. And we can just imagine that if Harry’s dad had a sibling, he would’ve treated him this way too.

Albus & Scorpius in Cursed Child. By Matthew Murphy

Scorpius was a nerd and proud

Poor Scorpius had a rough time of it. Not only did his mother pass away but he was also rumoured to be the son of Voldemort. To top it all off, his relationship with his former Death Eater father was often strained. However, none of that stopped Scorpius from fully embracing who he was. He was a nerd and proud of it. He focussed all of his Slytherin ambition into his studies and was an avid bookworm. When Albus and Scorpius broke into Hermione’s office and caught a glimpse of her book collection – he was in awe. Albus also recognised how much Scorpius loved books and even joked that a good way to take Scorpius’s mind off difficult emotional issues was to take him to the library.

Scorpius Malfoy Cursed Child 2019

He also had a sweet tooth

One other interesting thing about Scorpius was his sweet tooth. He enjoyed everything from fizzing Whizzbees to Pepper Imps. Scorpius took his mother’s advice that sweets ‘always help you make friends’ and brought an impressive collection with him on the Hogwarts Express. And while he struggled to win Rose over with his collection of yummy goodies, it was how he and Albus first bonded.

Harry with Albus on bed original cast - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Albus struggled with being Harry’s son

If there is one thing that stuck out about Albus, it was the issues he had with being his father’s son. Unlike his other two siblings, James and Lily, Albus struggled with the fact he had a famous father and would lash out as a result. In many ways he was actually the most similar to Harry. Both of them were reluctant heroes who found it difficult to find their place in the world. He certainly had adventures that rivalled Harry’s, from jumping from the Hogwarts Express to changing the course of history. In some ways it could be said that they were too similar and that’s why they struggled to get on with each other. Luckily, by the end of the story, the two of them had begun to reconnect and heal their relationship.

Lily seemed to adore her uncle Ron

Lily Potter seemed to have a real soft spot for her uncle Ron and his comedic ways. When seeing her brothers onto the Hogwarts Express, she was more excited about the prospect of seeing Ron than saying goodbye to them. In fact, she ran towards her uncle the moment he appeared, flung herself into his arms and demanded that he do her trick. Ron was more than happy to oblige and humour his ‘favourite Potter’. When he pretended to steal her nose – in a bit that most people agreed was quite lame – she found it hilarious and laughed with joy at her funny uncle.

Harry and Albus on platform nine and three quarters, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Poor Hugo was made to disappear

We don’t see a lot of Hugo Granger-Weasley in Cursed Child… although some of that is probably because Albus and Scorpius decided to meddle with time. When trying to change the past, they accidentally made Hugo (and his sister Rose) disappear. In that reality Ron never married Hermione – he had married Padma Patil instead. We were very glad to see that this change didn’t remain permanent and we’re sure Hugo was thrilled too.