What is it like to go to Harry Potter: The Exhibition? The touring exhibition just made its world debut last year in Philadelphia – and this time around – we’re off to its currently location in Atlanta to see what it is all about.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition has been spreading magic around the world – and this year, the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, have been experiencing the exhibition’s delights – with New York City soon to follow!

So, what is it like to go to Harry Potter: The Exhibition? Here’s our report from Atlanta.

Eat something enchanting before going inside


Celebrating the world of witchcraft and wizardry on an empty stomach is not recommended! Thankfully, the exhibition has lots of delicious snacks on offer to fill you up before you go exploring.

An interactive wristband will make you feel extra magic

A simple wristband on your hand will be far more enchanting than your usual ones. This wristband can hold any photos you have taken during the exhibition – and will help you personalise your interactions through the experience!

Put your name inside the Marauder’s Map


You will get the opportunity to not just see the Marauder’s Map, but to be part of it. Simply scan your wristband and try to locate your very own name on our favourite enchanted parchment.

Discover special artefacts – such as a first edition of the first Harry Potter book

As well as the more technologically marvellous elements of the exhibition, you’ll also be able to get back to basics and look at some artefacts of Harry Potter history – a particular highlight was seeing a first edition Harry Potter book, which would’ve been published more than 20 years ago.

And marvel at the props and costumes on display


What’s your favourite Harry Potter outfit? Chances are you’ll get to find it here. We’ve highlighted McGonagall’s power-shouldered outfit above, which really gives you a feel of the Head of Gryffindor’s exceptional energy.

One can never have enough wands

Hundreds of wands were created for the Harry Potter movies, and you’ll get to observe the intricate designs of them here. From the memorable silhouette of the Elder Wand to Bellatrix Lestrange’s darkly twisted one, you’ll love geeking out at how lovingly created everybody’s magical tools are.

Battle a Boggart

One of our absolute most-loved lessons in Hogwarts history is Remus Lupin’s Boggart tutorial. Is there a more joyful spell than Riddikulus? Brilliantly, at the exhibition, you can banish your very own Boggart, as well as take part in other class activities, such as Potions and Herbology.

Explore iconic classrooms and rooms of Hogwarts


As such, you’ll be able to visit all of your favourite rooms of Hogwarts, which have been celebrated in such clever ways inside the exhibition. This Great Hall moment, complete with a floating candles illusion, is particularly resonant.

Look into Dumbledore’s Pensieve


Feeling reflective? This Pensieve experience creates an ethereal feeling when you visit the exhibition, and you’ll be able to gaze into it, just like Dumbledore liked to do with his many, many memories.

So, why not make some happy memories of your own?

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is running in Atlanta until 16th April. Visit the official website to check out tickets and see where the travel exhibition is located currently.

And if you’re New York-based, you could have the opportunity to go to the upcoming version of Harry Potter: The Exhibition coming your way soon. Tickets are now on sale!