Sometimes it could beggar belief how Muggles could manage to remain so unaware of the wizarding world. Here are a few of the times when non-magical folk were at their most oblivious...
The Brazilian Boa Constrictor in the zoo from The Philosopher's Stone

The day that snake mysteriously managed to escape

How often does glass just vanish in a reptile house? While the Dursleys knew perfectly well what happened, they stayed tight-lipped. Let’s be honest, there was only one explanation for that mysterious phenomenon.

When all that strange animal activity was going on

A flurry of nocturnal birds zooming in on one house? Letters making their way into milk bottles and eggs? That was either the prank to end all pranks, or there was magic afoot.

And that flying car…

A couple of eagle-eyed Muggles spotted a mysterious Ford Anglia flying around but nowhere near as many as should have done. Especially considering that it was floating above London when the invisibility booster stopped working.

Anyone seen a Knight Bus?

This triple-decker, violently purple bus flung itself all around the country with an almighty bang, yet remained on the down-low. The Knight Bus appeared whenever a witch or wizard threw out their wand arm at the kerb, and then vanished. According to Stan Shunpike, Muggles ‘Don’ listen properly, do they? Don’ look properly either. Never notice nuffink, they don’.’

The house that nobody could see

We accept that Number 12, Grimmauld Place was heavily protected with charms to keep its residents safe from Dark wizards. But come on, neighbours! Did you really not hear the portrait of Mrs Black bawling or notice the flurry of mysteriously cloaked people appearing outside and then disappearing as quickly?

Members of the Order of the Phoenix stand outside Grimmauld Place.

What about all those visitors to the wizard hospital?

Far from being hidden deep underground like the Ministry of Magic, St Mungo’s Hospital was accessed via a disused department store in London. Yet while complaining that it was never open, Muggles didn’t seem to notice groups of people conversing with a mannequin and then clambering through a plate-glass window to visit their loved ones. Use your eyes, people.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny in the permanent or long-lasting damage ward.

The grand rescue mission from Hogwarts to the Ministry of Magic

When six teenagers flew across the country on Thestrals, you’d think the odd Muggle might have done a double-take. Granted, only those who have witnessed death could see Thestrals, but then they’d still see people zooming through mid-air, apparently unsupported, toward London – which would be an even weirder sight to get your head around.

The final journey from Privet Drive

First of all, how self-involved were the residents of Privet Drive that they hadn’t noticed six years’ worth of weird and wonderful goings-on? But the occurrence of 13 people – several of which looked exactly like the kid next door, and one of whom was a half-giant – departing the garden in an airborne convoy that included a motorbike and sidecar would, you’d think, grab your attention. And if that didn’t, the mid-air battle that featured blasts of fire and countless jets of red and green light would surely cause a few skyward glances. Fireworks perhaps…?

The seven Potters leave Privet Drive

And that sudden arrival in Tottenham Court Road

Hermione had no idea why she’d chosen this busy spot to Apparate to after the Death Eaters crashed Bill and Fleur’s wedding, but she thought they were less likely to be found out in the Muggle world. She was right on one account at least; the Muggles didn’t notice a thing. The instant appearance out of nowhere of three disorientated and frightened-looking teenagers should have been enough to stop any Muggle in their tracks.

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