Of all the wizarding families, there’s one that we long to be a part of. No, not the Malfoys, can you imagine Christmas dinner there? Obviously it’s the Weasleys.
Bill and Charlie fight with tables in the Burrow's garden.

Mrs Weasley is the ultimate mum

Brimming with kindness, love and good humour, Molly Weasley was the fierce and strong leader of the Weasley clan. As powerful a witch as she was a good mother, with Mrs Weasley on your side not only did you have an Order of the Phoenix member at your back, but also someone who would give you a big hug and a cup of tea once all the bad guys were vanquished.

You have the best colour hair

Red may be the least-common hair colour, but at The Burrow that statistic goes out the window pretty quickly. Having just a pinch of Weasley DNA in your system guarantees you a handsome mane of bright red locks – making you the envy of just about everybody else trying to get it out of a bottle.

You’re most likely a Gryffindor

Although not guaranteed, chances are that if your entire family is a member of one house, you’re probably heading that way too. Every Weasley that we know was a bona fide Gryffindor.

Harry Potter’s an honorary member of the family

As well as being surrounded by some of the most eccentric, kindly and good-natured wizards in the community, you also have the added joy of getting to hang out with Harry Potter, very much an honorary Weasley. Always good to have the guy who vanquished Lord Voldemort around for dinner to boost morale.

The Burrow just seems like the best place ever

As Ron liked to point out, ‘It’s not much.’ But to us The Burrow was the house with the biggest personality in all of Britain. Situated in Devon, the Weasley abode was jam-packed with a roaring fireplace, hundreds of Arthur’s Muggle artefacts, an unruly owl, chickens, squishy furniture and rogue gnomes. Not to mention the enchanted clock that told you where your family were at all times. Although we imagine that in your teen years, that clock could be quite the tell-tale.

Your family’s heart is in the right place

Unlike other pure-blood wizarding families (cough the Malfoys cough), the Weasleys were accepting of people from all walks of life. Morals over money appeared to be the Weasley mantra, and who needs a pair of new dress robes when you’ve got those?

You won’t be short of birthday fun

Being in a big family can bring a huge amount of pressure in terms of standing out. But in the Weasley family, it also meant that when your birthday came around, you would have the biggest deal made of you in the world. Despite living within their small means, there was no way Molly Weasley wouldn’t have some thoughtful gifts waiting for you in the morning. She might have even baked something delicious, too…

There will be so much fudge

And we’re not fudging on the details with this one.

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