There are many themes that run through the Harry Potter books: death, family, love, magic, eggs. Yes, we said eggs. And we’re not even yolking.
The egg Hagrid was given by a stranger sits in the fire in his hut, waiting to hatch

The Hogwarts Acceptance Eggs

Before Harry even knew he was a wizard, eggs genuinely helped Harry go to Hogwarts. Just think. When Harry’s first Hogwarts acceptance letter didn’t make it into his hands, countless others were delivered en masse by owl post, right?

Of course, it didn’t stop there. As much as Uncle Vernon tried to put a stop to it, Hogwarts was so determined to have Harry as a student it went to egg-stra levels of sneakiness – hiding tiny letters inside each of the Dursleys’ two dozen eggs. Okay, so these letters didn’t get to Harry either. But the eggs played their part, people!

The Privet Drive kitchen full of Hogwarts letters

The Norbert Egg

Hagrid was notorious for seeing the kinder, gentler, and more adorable side to some of the world’s most heinous and dangerous beasts throughout wizarding history. This life-threatening pastime caused a lot of fun for our intrepid trio; especially when Harry, Ron and Hermione met Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback in their first year.

After winning a dragon egg in a rather drunken card game, Hagrid did what any other dragon-lover would do – he hatched it in the fire in his wooden hut and became Norbert’s ‘mummy’. Norbert (or Norberta, as we later discovered) might have been whisked off by Charlie Weasley in the end, but Harry’s dealings with dragons – and eggs for that matter – were far from over.

Illustration of a young Norbert

The Golden Egg

The Triwizard Tournament was renowned for its terrifying trials but this fire-fuelled task was a (s)hellish experience. As if facing down a dragon wasn’t enough, the champions had to steal a golden egg from their nest. Unluckily for Harry, he got the most vicious of the lot: the Hungarian Horntail.

The result? A death-defying, awe-inducing, breathless flight on a broomstick from Harry, who finally managed to retrieve his loot in one piece. It wasn’t all bad though, after Ron witnessed just how dangerous the tasks could be, he made up with Harry immediately. Once again, the egg saved the day.

The Puzzling Egg

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Harry may have successfully retrieved the egg, but figuring out the egg’s mystery ended up being very hard (boiled). The golden egg held a clue to the second task and, after mulling it over in the water in the prefect’s bathroom on a tip-off from fellow champion Cedric, Harry realised that he was in serious trouble.

Elated that he had cracked the egg, he was soon despairing because he had no idea how to survive at the bottom of a massive lake. Even Hermione and Ron were stumped, so it’s a good thing Dobby had his rather large ears to the ground and knew exactly what Harry needed. Okay, so this egg wasn't delivering good news, but it was still egg-stremely useful.

The Easter Egg

Molly Weasley wags her finger

Mrs Weasley was known for her egg-squisite gifts. How many of us would love our own Weasley jumper original? In Goblet of Fire, when Easter came around, it was only natural that she sent Ron and Harry giant eggs filled to the brim with toffee. Sadly, due to a Rita Skeeter ‘exclusive’ about Hermione in Witch Weekly – Mrs Weasley was under the impression she had recently broken Harry Potter’s heart by getting off with Viktor Krum – Hermione received a smaller-than-chicken-sized chocolate egg as a result of her fictional love triangle. A tiny Easter egg. The ultimate punishment.

Hermione looked sadly at her tiny egg.
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