You may think that this famous romance only kicked off after several years of Hogwarts and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but we like to think the signs were always there.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

  1. Hermionenoticed the dirt on Ron's nose right at the start. Why is she looking at him that closely, then?
  2. She tries to stop Ron and Harry from meeting Malfoy for the Midnight duel. Even Harry is baffled by how interfering she is. Is she already protecting Ron?
  3. Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa. Hermione’s help is met with Ron’s nasty remark about her being a total nightmare. Her tears are understandable.
  4. Oooh, is that Ron and Hermione playing chess together in the common room, even though she always loses?
  5. Already Ron can get away with teasing her: ‘He put on a high voice, ‘Oh Professor Flitwick, I’m so worried, I think I got question fourteen b wrong ...’ ‘Oh, shut up,’ said Hermione, but she agreed to go and watch out for Snape.
  6. When Ron is hit by the white queen in the life-sized chess game, Hermione screams. She’s not known for screaming. This is a dead giveaway.
The giant wizard chess on the way to get to the Philosopher's Stone.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. Whenever Harry is busy, Hermione and Ron spend all their time together. Sitting on stands, sitting in the common room and watching Quidditch practice...
  2. When Ron starts belching slugs out his mouth, Hermione is beside herself making sure he is alright.
  3. Hermione and Ron always were bickering.
  4. In the film, Hermione and Ron find it too awkward to hug.
Ron vomits slugs at the Quidditch pitch.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. First letter Harry gets before school starts and all Hermione can talk about is Ron. Ron’s holiday, Ron’s letter, Ron’s phone call.
  2. Oooh, look at them having ice creams together at Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour… Yeah, right they were looking for Harry.
  3. Bicker, bicker, bicker. They only just got on the train!
  4. When Ron offers to help Hermione with Buckbeak's case, she throws her arms around him and breaks down. Also worth noting that in the film, Hermione hugs Ron, not Harry, during Buckbeak's execution.
  5. When Ron admires Hermione for hitting Malfoy and storming out on Professor Trelawney, she positively glows with delight.
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In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. Hermione arrives at Ron's house early. This is a recurring theme,.
  2. Hermione’s calm words soothe Ron’s eternal rage and frustration when it comes to Malfoy and his mean moments.
  3. She understands why Ron suddenly starts behaving oddly around Harry after his name comes out the Goblet of Fire. In fact, she shows remarkable insight!
  4. She’s pretty angry that Ron doesn’t believe that she has already been asked to the Yule Ball.
  5. When Fleur kisses Ron… Hermione’s face of fury says it all.
  6. And Hermione can’t hold Ron’s gaze when she speaks of how Krum invited her over for the summer holidays.
Viktor Krum and Hermione Dancing at the Yule Ball

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  2. Once she recovers from the surprise, she is quick to congratulate Ron on becoming a prefect and defend his worth against Fred & George.
  3. They’re fighting again... to the point where Harry loses it with both of them. ‘Oh, shut up, the pair of you,’ said Harry heavily, as Ron opened his mouth to argue back. Hermione and Ron both froze, looking angry and offended. ‘Can’t you give it a rest?’ said Harry. ‘You’re always having a go at each other, it’s driving me mad.’
The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione use Doxycide in Grimmauld Place.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  1. This book is packed with little Ron/Hermione hints.
  2. We LOVE the fact that Hermione may have Confunded Cormac to help Ron win the role of Keeper.
  3. She wants to ask Ron to the Slug Club party, but that doesn’t work out so well. Even though Ron comes to a screeching mental halt, for once.
  4. Ron sulks when he realises Viktor kissed Hermione. Hermione doesn’t understand why he is so mean to her. Harry is baffled by the entire thing.
  5. Lavender kisses Ron and Hermione is notably not happy. Her heart quietly breaks as he spends the year as ‘Won-Won’.
  6. Murmering Hermione's name as he recovers in the hospital from a near-fatal poisoning...

We wonder if Ron will ever wake up and smell the Butterbeer...?

Slughorn's Christmas party
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