We just had something in our eye, honest.
Lavender cries over Ron dumping her

Harry saw his parents for the first time in the Mirror of Erised

A bittersweet moment for the wizard orphan: Harry glimpsed his parents and extended family in the ancient mirror, giving him a taste of what his life could have been.

Harry in front of the Mirror of erised

Gryffindor won the House Cup

Just when we all thought Slytherin would keep the Cup, Dumbledore stepped in to award Harry, Ron and Hermione some last-minute Gryffindor points for their daring exploits to stop Voldemort. And Neville, after a slightly rough first year, was recognised for his own bravery. Yes, Neville!

Hats fly in the air when Gryffindor win the House Cup

Sirius invited Harry to live with him

After a wee bit of a misunderstanding, Harry got to properly meet the godfather he never knew he had. After years of thinking the Dursleys were his only surviving family, Harry discovered that the bloodthirsty Azkaban escapee Sirius Black was actually a very nice man connected to his past in a big way. At the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius offered the one thing Harry desired more than anything – a real home, with a real, loving, parent-figure. Or at least, for a glimmering moment he did, before the Dementors turned up to take chase...

Sirius and Harry talking in the department of Mysteries

Snape made fun of Hermione’s teeth

It was a particularly cruel move, even by Snape’s standards. Hermione was hit by a stray curse during an altercation between Harry and Malfoy, and her front teeth began growing out of control. Snape dismissed the curse as bearing no change to her appearance, causing Hermione to flee in tears. We knew Snape wasn’t exactly chummy, but this was a real tipping point.

After Draco curses Hermione's teeth, Harry aims a pimple jinx at Malfoy, but it deflects onto Goyle.

Cedric was killed by Wormtail

Poor Cedric was unceremoniously murdered during the final task of the Triwizard Tournament – leaving Harry completely haunted by the experience. The unfairness of Cedric’s death was particularly painful seeing as Cedric had just helped Harry win the Triwizard Tournament together for a joint Hogwarts victory. And don’t get us started on the reaction of Cedric’s dad when he found out his son’s fate...

Peter prepairs the cauldron for Voldemorts

Harry saw his parents during Priori Incantatem

Thanks to this reverse spell effect in Goblet of Fire, Harry was able to see his parents again, as they offered advice to escape a newly revived Lord Voldemort. Having his parents (in some form) there to encourage him gives Harry the extra bit of strength he needed to get away – but didn’t help make the whole experience any less emotional.

The Death Eaters view of the Golden thread

Sirius was killed in a duel with Bellatrix Lestrange

Sirius Black, fierce protector of his godson, was suddenly killed at the end of Order of the Phoenix, with his body taken through a mysterious archway in the Department of Mysteries. The out-of-the-blueness of this scene completely knocked us for six, and was made particularly more devastating when Harry discovered a terribly-timed gift from Sirius later on: a two-way mirror that would have allowed Harry and Sirius to talk to each other easily. Upon discovering the mirror too late, Harry truly realised he’d never be able to talk to Sirius ever again.

Sirius falls through the vail in the Department of Mysteries

Harry kissed Cho

Mistletoe. Christmas. Harry’s first kiss. Need we say more?

PMARCHIVE-WB F5 Harry Cho snog HP5-TL-0757r 4OCeaocjSUKeqQ6kskY6gm-b2

Gryffindor won the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup

A glorious moment of victory, Gryffindor finally won the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup! Tears of joy.

Harry is being chased by the rogue bludger during quidditch

Draco Malfoy had a breakdown

Draco hadn’t really been in our good books, but there’s a particular moment of poignancy during Half-Blood Prince when he revealed his vulnerable side. After being tasked with the huge request of killing his headmaster from Lord Voldemort, we see a darker, more troubled Draco during his sixth year, which Harry stumbled upon when he witnessed his enemy uncharacteristically sobbing in the school bathroom.

An emotional Draco looking in the mirror

Dumbledore died

Obviously, the death of the wise and kind headmaster continues to rip hearts everywhere into shreds.

Dumbledore falls from Hogwarts' top tower after he is killed

Harry visited Godric’s Hollow

While on the hunt for Horcruxes, Harry finally visited Godric’s Hollow on Christmas Eve and found his parents’ graves in the snow. Harry rarely cried in the books, but finally seeing where his parents lay was completely overwhelming for him.

Harry and Hermione lay flowers on the Potters' Grave.

Aberforth told the story of Ariana’s death

Ariana Dumbledore, sister to Albus and Aberforth, met an early and tragic end. The retelling of the story shocked Harry and readers alike, and gave us a new side to Dumbledore’s character.

Ron leaves the trio

Ron, caught up in the depressing effects of the Horcrux locket, stormed out and left both Harry and Hermione alone and anguished.

Ron holding up the destroyed locket Horcrux.

Dobby died

Sorry to bring this one up, but we really do have to...

During Deathly Hallows, Dobby the house-elf’s adventures came to a tragic end when he was fatally injured in his efforts to save Harry from Bellatrix’s knife. A devastated Harry insisted on digging his grave the non-magical way, and we were with him every step of the way.

Dobby's funeral at Shell Cottage.

The laying out of the dead in the Great Hall at Hogwarts

Too many beloved characters died here. We can’t even bear to go into it. Each one was like a wound to the heart.

PMARCHIVE-WB F8 Battle of Hogwarts Weasleys McGonagall students Great Hall HPDH2-06525 4CuPOD4NduIOuCsEm4wIwo-b18

Snape revealed his loving memories of Lily Potter

Despite Snape’s nastiness, we saw his true motivations at last during this swim inside his memories – revealing a deep, enduring love for Harry’s mother, Lily. And as for the final exchange between Snape and Dumbledore? ‘Always’ tear-jerking.

PMARCHIVE-WB F8 Lily young hand open landscape HPDH2-08067 2RvPutODqwcSaCIGegOy8G-b3

Harry saw off his youngest son to Hogwarts

Harry offered his son the advice and reassurance that he, himself, didn’t have before getting on the Hogwarts Express for the first time. And, like the last line of the book, all was well. SOB.

The Hogwarts Express steaming through the country side
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