Something wicked is on its way to Leavesden... with the Studio Tour readying itself for a Hallowe’en takeover of Dementors, Death Eaters, and all manner of eerie additions, coming 13th September.

Yes, things may seem all bright and summery now... but a great darkness is lurking at the Studio Tour. Let’s just say, pack some emergency chocolate: Dementors are on the way.


Yes, this September, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is bringing back its popular Dark Arts feature, and it sounds like it’s going to be even more eerie for 2024.

For the first time ever, Dementors will appear in the Forbidden Forest! But don’t fear – visitors to the Studio Tour will have the opportunity to banish them with their very own Patronus Charm too!

Down at the Creatures Workshop, fans can learn more about the creation of these mysterious soul-sucking beings, and even take part in an interactive demonstration on how the Dementors were created for the films.


Elsewhere, the Great Hall will be adorned with glowing pumpkins once again, floating magically over the house tables, all courtesy of the talented folks down at the Prop Making Department. An annual tradition we welcome whole-heartedly!

Expect other Hallowe’en mainstays dotted along your tour experience – such as the now-famous Death Eater procession alongside Dark Mark symbols scattered across the tour that you can keep score of in your activity passport.

From designing your own Death Eater masks to learning the duelling techniques needed to combat Voldemort’s followers – you’ll learn all about the light and the darkness of Dark Arts this autumn at the Studio Tour. Come along and think a happy thought.

The Dark Arts feature at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London run from 13th September – 10th November 2024. Learn more about the official website.