Published on Jun 7th 2017
Pottermore has launched a series of prints and posters celebrating the Harry Potter stories, curated from the Pottermore archives.

Pottermore has been working with some talented artists to curate the Pottermore Art Collection: a series of stunning prints and mounted posters, all inspired by the Wizarding World.

If you are based in the UK or EU, over 30 prints and posters are now available to buy exclusively from the Pottermore Shop – including prints of the Harry Potter eBook covers, as designed by Olly Moss, abstract portraits of the young Marauders by Montse Bernal, and watercolour creations of magical creatures from artist Lesley Buckingham.

Art-lovers and Harry Potter fans alike will also be able to choose from Harry Potter Moments pieces, which illustrate several key scenes from all seven Harry Potter books, from Hagrid delivering baby Harry to the Dursleys, to Harry, Ron and Hermione gazing up at a terrifying, luminescent Dark Mark at the Quidditch World Cup.

You may have spotted some of these illustrations dotted across Pottermore.

Even the wrapping and packaging will be Harry Potter-inspired. Expert gift-giver Mrs Weasley would be rather envious.

So enjoy choosing from these incredible pieces, and keep checking back. Pottermore have some more artistic surprises in the pipeline very soon.

The Pottermore Art Collection is exclusively available from the Pottermore Shop and, for now, is currently only available in the United Kingdom and EU.

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