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Published on Aug 26th 2019
For all you Wizards Unite fans out there, you might be interested to learn that an official game guide is coming this September, should you need, in the words of Hagrid, ‘a bit o’ help’.

This summer, the new augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite came to our phones with a plea to help out the wizarding world. And now, if you want to take your missions to the next level, this new handy guide from Scholastic, with insider tips from the makers of the game, is coming soon. Fancy a look inside?

This official game guide will offer many hints and tricks from the team behind Wizards Unite themselves – from finding rare Traces, to discovering more challenging Fortresses. Having trouble with your potions? The guide will give you master notes (how very ‘Half-Blood Prince!’) on how to perfect your techniques. All this, and many more expert pieces of advice will be at your disposal. So, if you want to get one up on your fellow gaming mates... this seems like a good place to start.

The good folks at Scholastic will be publishing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Official Game Guide on 3 September this year. Step right this way to pre-order a copy now.

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