This summer, Universal Orlando Resort will debut a selection of new shows and environments for fans to fall in love with – including state-of-the-art performances of cinematic film scores and an atmospheric Hogwarts castle projection show.

Universal Studios invites you to ‘seize the summer like never before’ with a collection of new experiences launching in the upcoming months – and Harry Potter fans have double the reason to get excited, with the introduction of “Hogwarts Always” and “Cinesational: A Symphonic Spectacular” coming this June.

The first, Hogwarts Always, is a stunning new projection show debuting in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade on the 14th of June.

Set on select nights at the park, fans can gaze in awe as this new illuminating experience takes guests on a journey through iconic Hogwarts moments, set against the radiant backdrop of the famous castle and accompanied by a newly arranged score recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.


Expect dazzling light effects and fan-favourite moments of a year in the life of a Hogwarts student combined for an unforgettable evening. And for an extra personal flourish, the show will also feature four different ending options - each a different Hogwarts house. You’ll have to grab a viewing spot to see if your house takes home the House Cup!

Harry Potter fans should also check out Cinesational: A Symphonic Spectacular, also debuting on the 14th of June.


This night-time show, set in the waters of the Universal Studio Florida lagoon, will put on performances of iconic movie scores, leveraging special effects and groundbreaking technology to breathe new life into these beloved soundtracks – which of course includes Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. The lagoon show will feature new higher-than-ever fountains and over 600 drones to help create movie magic as you listen to your musical favourites. Sounds like it’s really going to make a splash.

The news comes only a few months after we revealed the upcoming launch of Universal Epic Universe, which will include new wizarding world additions to the parks, such as 1920s Paris and the British Ministry of Magic. Catch up here.

And be sure to check out the Universal Studios website to learn more about these spectacular additions – and what’s going on in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.