This year, we're working on some new Harry Potter pins so you can honour your love of the wizarding world and look cute doing it! Here's a reminder of our pin collection so far - we invite you to seek them all out!

UPDATE: Our new Prisoner of Azkaban pin is out today. More details below!

Did you know that you can celebrate your love of Harry Potter with our shiny collection of enamel pins? Expertly designed and crammed with details, each pin created is a homage to a Harry Potter setting, house, moment or character.

While you wait to see what we have in store for 2024, why not check out our current collection?

Hogwarts house sets

Pin Seeking House collections stack

Our most popular pin sets represent your Hogwarts house, with six different pins examining every facet of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Whatever house you belong to, each set comes with a pin representing the house animal, the colours, your house's traits, and a figure associated - such as The Fat Lady for Gryffindor!

We even have first edition sets available that come in these gorgeous hexagonal boxes.

Take a look.

The Prisoner of Azkaban pin


To commemorate the film anniversary of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (now 20 years old!) the latest enamel pin pays homage to the third story.

Pick up the pin today! - while others can wait 'til general release tomorrow!

Philosopher's Stone enamel pin

Pin Seeking philosophers stone pin

This mysterious pin features one of the most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Philosopher's Stone.

The distinctive red gem offers great power and immortality to those who have it in their possession. And this elegant pin represents its importance beautifully, encased in a domed display case!

Seek it.

Harry Potter Trunk Enamel Pin


This pin reminds us of young Harry Potter's first day of school, all packed up for adventures he'd never forget. We're getting all nostalgic just looking at it!

This pin is a little bit magical too - you can actually open it and see all of Harry's belongings inside.


Sherbet Lemons Enamel Shaker Pin


Sherbet lemons are Professor Dumbledore's favourite Muggle sweets - and this cheerful yellow and gold pin pays homage accordingly. You can even shake the sweets around in their jar!

Fancy one?

Pet pins


Beyond the students, teachers and ghosts, we meet many feathered and furry friends around Hogwarts - and now you can immortalise your favourite as a pin.

Our pet pins include shoutouts to Hagrid's dog Fang, Hedwig, Scabbers and Arnold the Pygmy Puff.

Fancy having a browse?


And this is just the start! We'll be updating this page with new pin drops very soon so you can keep on enhancing your collection. Happy Pin Seeking!

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