Harry Potter New York is the first official Harry Potter flagship store, located in the heart of New York City next to the iconic Flatiron building at 935 Broadway. Filled with photo opportunities, limited edition goodies and much more, let's check in on one of our favourite shops!

Harry Potter New York is gearing up for another spellbinding year, celebrating more Wizarding World excitement than ever before. With a new travel range now available we thought we'd have a quick browse around and see what else is going on... But first!

New Harry Potter travel range for 2024

Yep, we know holiday season is coming up: we can feel it! And to travel in style, there is a new selection of Wizarding World inspired products available online, across worldwide Studio Tour shops, and of course, Harry Potter New York!


From travel cushions to luggage tags, bring your love of Harry Potter with you wherever you go with this fun, retro designed collection. Sure, we might not have a flying motorbike like Hagrid, but we can still look cool on-the-go.

The Wand Shop


Look, we may already own a wand or two (or three, or four, who's counting?) and sure, witches and wizards usually just get the one (unless you're Ron Weasley) but with so many amazing designs to choose from these days, we simply cannot help ourselves. We want more!

At Harry Potter New York, they understand just how wand-erful these items are, and have even made a whole shop-within-a-shop dedicated to the most magical item of them all.

The space is just as mysterious as a trip to Ollivander's, with Patronuses lurking in the background - and hundreds of personalised wands to choose from. Usually, the wand chooses the wizard - but on this occasion - you get the luxury of flipping that script.

Photo opps


Harry Potter New York is no ordinary shop - while you're browsing, you can get snap-happy too.

Make like Colin Creevey and enjoy numerous photo opportunities around the shop, such as this charming London phone box, resembling the one that Harry takes to enter the Ministry of Magic.

We are also in love with the archway made of books that displays all types of Harry Potter printed works, including nods to the artist Mary GrandPré, who illustrated the US novels in her unique style. For all you bookworms out there, this is for you.


Explore the House of Minalima

Comprised of the powerhouse creative duo Minaphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the design team MinaLima are responsible for all the magical minutiae you see across the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. And at Harry Potter New York, you can discover a gallery and store showcasing all of their graphic design creations.

Discover prints of the Daily Prophet covers, Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter and the Quibbler, all hand designed by MinaLima in a space modelled after their iconic London shop.


And be sure to look out for the little details

Keep yourself sharp while browsing Harry Potter New York: just like Hogwarts, there are smaller subtleties wherever you turn. Beyond the bigger pieces, such as the majestic griffin statue, look around for the more minor intricacies in many of the themed rooms.

We wonder what you'll find!


And that is only a few bewitching activities open to all at Harry Potter New York.

To quote a favourite song, we want to be part of it!

To learn more about the Harry Potter New York Store - Apparate on over to the official site.