The Spanish Harry Potter books have had a makeover, courtesy of Barcelona illustrator Xavier Bonet. From Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest to euphoric Quidditch scenes, learn how the artist got to grips with taking on the wizarding world.

We love new artistic interpretations of the Harry Potter stories from absolutely everywhere. And this year, Spain-based illustrator and comic book artist Xavier Bonet was tasked with bringing his unique style to the wizarding world, illustrating the Harry Potter series' book covers. Creating key scenes from the stories with detailed pencil sketches, including mapping out the Hogwarts grounds and interpreting key locations and characters from the books, learn all about Xavier's process.


1. How did it feel to be asked to redesign the Harry Potter covers?

When [the publishers] confirmed it, I found it hard to believe. Only when I was already on my way home did I suddenly realise the full magnitude of the project, and I have to say that I was deeply moved. I felt very fortunate to be able to contribute my small grain of sand to this incredible magical world that continues to fascinate so many people. It was a true privilege for me and a magical connection to something I had carried deep within for years.

2. Did you draw inspiration from anywhere in particular?

Fortunately, my children have always been a source of inspiration. When drawing Harry, I felt I needed to dive into how magic feels for the first time through the eyes of a boy. My children have helped me not only to find inspiration but also have become my most beautiful connection to magic. They help me maintain that magical perspective.

3. How did you decide what to include in your illustrations?

I was certain that, besides the main characters, certain iconic elements of the series needed to be present as if they were characters themselves, such as the Hogwarts Express. I believe it is a very rich world, and that each element and character has a story behind it. That is why each scene makes me pay close attention to all the elements.


4. What do you think the new covers say about the stories?

I hope that both longtime readers and new ones can see how the setting and magic are very present on the covers. But above all, I love being able to reflect the personality and depth of each character, as if each one were part of an independent story.


5. What was your favourite part of the design process?

The composition and the choice of elements. Visually, there is a narration and a sense of reading that accompanies you every time you look at it. I also greatly enjoy the colour and the light, which I believe is the part that creates that special magic.


6. Is there a cover that you are especially proud of?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the one I hold most dear since it was my first contact with the initial vision of the characters. I felt very proud when I saw it in my hands for the first time. In any case, they all hold something special for me.


7. How would you describe your illustrative style?

I try to convey the magic that captivated me as a child through my style, using colour, light, and atmosphere, and aiming for my characters to be expressive and show complexities beyond just a beautiful drawing. I have always loved comics, fantasy worlds, science fiction movies and music. I believe that all artists develop their style through that inner universe we create from a young age with our experiences and tastes.

8. Are there any tiny details you hope fans will spot?

I have put a lot of effort into trying to be as faithful to the story as possible, reviewing every detail with the editors to ensure everything made sense. I believe that working on a project of this magnitude allows you to gather a lot of information to apply later. I hope all of this is reflected in the illustrations.


9. What was the biggest challenge you faced when coming up with your fantastic designs?

The evolution of the characters, while maintaining their essence. They all have a very well-constructed development, and capturing all those nuances in each book has been a great challenge but also something wonderful, as it makes you feel very close to them. Like part of their family.

10. Did your original vision of how the covers should look change whilst creating them?

Of course, the creation of the covers has been a very organic process, always referring back to the book to see how I could condense the most important parts. It's an intensive job closely aligned with the editors, which is why it evolves until it takes on the final form that reaches everyone.

11. Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

I love this part because I've always been clear about it. I belong to Hufflepuff.

12. Do you have a favourite character from the stories?

Hermione. I believe she has a strength and a significant presence throughout all the books. She represents what you can achieve through effort and your talents. I firmly believe in her role throughout the saga and how she is key in the most important moments that happen around the magical world. Finally, her evolution and depth make her a role model character for me.

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