Ever wanted to know the secrets of the Wand Dance from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? As part of our Back to Hogwarts celebrations, we’re giving Harry Potter Fan Club members the opportunity to have a sneak peek at an episode of The Workshop – an original video series only available to Gold members.

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Act One, Scene One of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child opens with the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross station, with a certain young wizard – Albus Potter – about to step onto the Hogwarts Express for the very first time. So as we all get excited for the 1st September this year, what better way to celebrate Back to Hogwarts than with a sneak peek behind the scenes of Cursed Child!

For a limited time only, we invite our Harry Potter Fan Club members to step behind the curtain of the eighth story. Watch the inspirational Steven Hoggett, Cursed Child’s Movement Director, infuse the play with dance and movement so magical you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right through the barrier at King’s Cross, and into the wizarding world.

In this fifteen-minute sneak peek of The Workshop episode, filmed last year, Fan Club members will learn the intricacies of the spellbinding King’s Cross suitcase sequence, watch rehearsals of the famous wand dance, and listen to fascinating insights from Steven Hoggett. But don’t forget it’s only available to Fan Club members until 4th September 2020 – a Time-Turner won’t help you here! So, sign in to watch if you’re a Harry Potter Fan Club member already, or join here at WizardingWorld.com, sit back and let us take you to the Palace Theatre in London…

We hope you loved learning about Cursed Child’s stage choreography as much as we did! Now you’ve had a sneak peek of The Workshop, let us tell you a little more about it. The Workshop is a Wizarding World Originals video series, which unravels the mysteries and uncovers secrets from all corners of the Wizarding World.

This full episode, and others featuring creative wizards, like illustrator, Chris Riddell, and graphic designers, MinaLima, are exclusively available to Gold members. You can find out more about The Workshop, and the other benefits of becoming a Gold member of the Harry Potter Fan Club here.

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