Three families of Harry Potter fans, with help from a surprise cameo appearance, read Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Man with Two Faces’ for Harry Potter At Home. The chapters will be available until 31st December 2020.

And remember, you can catch up with Chapter Sixteen here, read by Kenneth Branagh and Ruth Wilson, with an appearance from Helena Bonham Carter. Or, if you’d like to browse all of our chapters, do so here.

So here we are, the final chapter. A huge thank you for joining us on this extra special read-along journey, and to all of our guest narrators. Especially for your Hagrid impressions. We particularly enjoyed all of those.

For the last instalment, three Harry Potter-loving families take on the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone, ‘The Man with Two Faces’, with a surprise cameo closing things off for you.

So, say hello to the Patels, from London, the Gaffneys from Brooklyn and the McKennas from Belfast!

First, we have the Patels, helmed by mum and dad, Swetha and Savan, with their two children, Sona (10) and Devan (8).

On joining Harry Potter At Home, the Patels said:

'Harry Potter is a world of ingenuity and adventure - to be able to share the stories as a family time and again (we have read the books so many times now and watched the movies innumerable times), is invaluable - the stories never get old and its lovely to see the children feel like they can really relate to the stories and find inspiration within them to be bold and adventurous and to always expect the unexpected.'

Next up, you’ll meet the the Gaffneys, comprised of mum and dad, Kym and Brian, and their two boys, John (11) and James (9).

‘For Team Gaffney, Potter conveys that living a full life is truly accessible through choice and the power of imagination!’ the family said. ‘We see within the characters the importance of acknowledging and embracing one another's diverse gifts. Finally, we should always remember that through life's ups & downs that you will always have the support and love of good friends & family.’

Rounding things off, we have the McKennas, with Sinead, Stephen, and their three children, Olivia (9), Stephen Jr. (7) and Pauric (6).

‘Harry Potter means quality family time together,’ Sinead told us. ‘With very busy lives, reading together was not a priority but Harry Potter has changed that and brought us back together! Harry Potter means adventure, imagination, a world of magic and a love of reading!’

Well said. And we hope you’ve had just as much fun as our narrators have had reading along with Harry’s first adventure at home too!


## Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Man with Two Faces’ – Further reading and new activities

We may have now finished the readings, but there is still more to explore. Now that you’ve refreshed your memory of J.K. Rowling’s seventeenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone for our US readers), here’s more about ‘The Man with Two Faces’

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  • As well as thanking our readers, we’d also like to give a huge shout out to our artistic contributors, who sent in all the fabulous drawings you see in each chapter. Take a look at some extra ones right here.

  • For those who’ve visited the wizarding world before –for the final chapter, we’re talking about that rather shocking ending, and asking you if you guessed that final twist. So do make sure you’ve finished the chapter before clicking...

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